Exemption for Emergency Call Out Services

To our dear and valued customers,

Firstly, we at Pestkil would like to extend to you all, our hopes for your good health and safety during this worldwide health crisis we are facing. We are in full support of our Govt. in their firm stance on keeping everyone home and safe, so together we can all move through this, un-affected, sooner rather than later.

It is becoming an increasing concern to us and to many in the community, that the control of Pest infestations and the possible health problems pest problems may bring, is of urgent Public Health concern. Pestkil ltd. has not been provided with an exemption to resume services. However, the potential risks to health and our community are very real, and we have spent a considerable amount of time trying to liaise with Govt. officials regarding this.

Pestkil therefore will be granted exemptions to provide emergency services only. Whether you are a customer or not we will help. Each case will have to be approved individually as we were NOT given a blanket exemption now that stricter measures are being implemented.

Some of the emergency situation examples that we have offered guidance to the Govt. on would involve:

  • All operational Restaurants and Food Catering Businesses – Rodents or Roaches that are causing food safety concerns
  • Hotels – Stinging insects, Roaches in Kitchens, Rodents, Bed Bugs
  • Private Residence – Scorpions or Centipedes (Especially if there are babies or children in the home), other stinging insects (if there are serious allergies), high numbers of rodents (especially if they are coming inside), infestation of roaches or bed bugs
  • Supermarkets and their Food Storage warehouses – Any pests at all causing food safety concerns

Should you be facing an urgent situation such as one like any of the above, especially where there are health concerns or food safety concerns, please call us on 9499145 / 6409145 or email your situation and concerns to We will take it from there via the email address.

Please be aware that our techs will be using gloves, respirators and all have been previously provided with the means to wash their hands with soap and water after every service stop. Each technician was also provided with hand sanitizer and the means to wash their equipment handles and their truck door handles and steering wheels.

Please stay safe and be well!

Ceili Heffernan