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After an inspection to establish what pests are involved in the infestation – a pest control program will then be set up to control the problem.

We recommend that if there are any children under the age of 2 years old, any ladies who are expecting and anyone with severe allergies, such as asthma, that they be away from the property for approximately 4 hours as a precautionary measure. Birds need to be removed from property and fish aquariums be covered and pumps turned off.

We use low toxicity products, specifically designed to control pests in your home.

Most products are designed to last 30-90 days depending on the locations of application.

No – all our products have none or very little odour.

The answer to this question is pretty simple. If you see just a few ants or just one mouse, those few ants or one mouse have a whole bunch of buddies lurking where you can’t see them. If you have even a slightly visible problem then you have a problem. Left untreated, you could have a crisis.

We have various service frequencies to protect your home but recommend no less than every quarter.

We stand behind all of our work. Should any problems arise within a reasonable amount of time after the completion of the job, we will return for no extra charge, completely hassle-free.

By routine use of veterinary products such as Frontline; regular inspections of your pet and take action immediately if a problem is seen.

Depending on the termite species found it could take from a week to several months.

If you have not had a termite treatment to your home, it is cause to worry. Without protection in place, termites can enter your structure.

We know that 90% of pests that inhabit the interior of your home, originate from that exterior, so we have introduced the exterior perimeter service (EPS) for general pests (cockroaches and ants).

This service involves an initial cleanout, interior and exterior, and then quarterly exterior service thereafter. Should a problem arise in between your quarterly service time-frame, we will come back at no additional cost as long as the EPS quarterly is maintained.

Many products applied outdoors are formulated to bond with the soil so as not to be effected by rain. Some granular products are water activated.

They enter your home to forage for food and water, particularly in dry times. Finding their sources of entry and using proper baiting is the best solution.

It is usually rodents, however, bats, land crabs and even iguanas can be the cause of the problem. Trapping, baiting, and exclusion are usually needed.

These pests enter your home in search of food. Exclusion is the only solution. We do not treat for these pests.

Yes, we do. However, treatment can’t eliminate the mosquito population but can provide protection from those mosquitos that come onto your property.

Peck Pecks are what we call Carpenter ants here in the Cayman Islands.

Duck ants are a species of tropical termite that builds large nests on trees especially mangrove and poincianna.

Chi Chi’s are what we refer to as drywood termites; these are the termites that produce “sand grain droppings” in your home.

No – But of you have a bat problem then you should call the national trust who will be able to advise you on what to do.

Yes we do, however, this is more specialized work and requires a high degree of cooperation to solve the problem.

Yes, Pestkil provides disinfection and sanitization services for residential and commercial properties. Now don't worry about COVID-19. Stay Safe!

Heat treatment is the process of heating the core of the wood to 136 degrees F. This Temp kills all life stages of wood destroying insects and bedbugs.

Heat is chemical free, the property does not have to be tented, and it is not necessary to leave the location. It is completely safe.

Heat is not suitable for every job but an estimated 85% of jobs for Drywood termite jobs can be addressed with heat. All bedbug jobs can be treated.

Heat has been used in other countries for years. It is the most effective way to kill "Bed Bugs". 121 degrees for one hour will kill all life stages of Bed Bugs".

Yes, heat treatment is the most effective way to kill "Dry Wood Termites". The treatment applies 121 degrees for one hour that will kill all "Dry Wood Termites".

Yes, heat treatment is the most effective way to kill "Wood-Destroying Bugs". The treatment applies 121 degrees for one hour that will kill all "Wood-Destroying Bugs".

Heat involves no chemicals. Products can be used to assist in preventing reinfestation but is separate from the heat.

All pets, fish, and people are safe due to no chemical being used in the treatment. A room may need to be isolated so that the temperature can be maintained.

No.. At times it will be more convenient because the Air conditioning will have to be off but no more than 24 hours.

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