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Thrips Treatment in the Cayman Islands

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Thrips Treatment in the Cayman Islands

Thrips Treatment in the Cayman Islands

Some thrip species are beneficial insects, but others do serious damage to flowers, fruits and vegetables. Different types may attack specific plant families, but these pests strike garden favorites from roses, tomatoes and onions. Adult thrips feed on plants and lay eggs on or inside plant leaves. The eggs hatch into hungry larvae that can mature in as little as two weeks. Multiple generations occur in a single growing season. Thrips also can transmit serious plant diseases.

Identification: Common thrips are tiny, rice-shaped insects best viewed with a magnifying glass. Their slender bodies are often just 1/32 to 1/20 inch long. Adults vary in color from pale, translucent amber to brown or black. They have two pairs of wings fringed with distinctive, featherlike hairs. Wingless nymphs are smaller and lighter in color.

Signs/Damage: Thrips damage plants by rasping and slicing plant tissue and feeding on oozing sap. They typically feed on the undersides of leaves, following along leaf veins. Damage appears on the upper sides of leaves as silvery white specks or small lines. Plants become stunted. Leaves crinkle and drop. Fruit becomes deformed, scarred or scabby.


  • Because of their small size, thrips often go unnoticed until damage is done. Effective treatment starts early in the season, before populations grow.
  • Thrips damage and reproduction peak during hot, dry conditions. Keep gardens irrigated well to reduce susceptibility to thrips damage.
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