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Residential Pest Control Services

Pestkil offers Quarterly, Monthly and One off service contracts to our customers, depending on their individual pest control solution needs. We understand that keeping pests out of your home and garden is a priority. Our Pest Control Technicians are trained to provide you with the highest standard of service, while keeping your home, your children and your pets in mind.

Ants Treatment in the Cayman Islands

The main ant species found in properties in the Cayman Islands are:- Argentine ant "sugar ant" (Linepithema humile) Odorou...

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Roaches Treatment in the Cayman Islands

Pestkil can eliminate all stages of cockroach development and provides a professional service that involves the safe use of pesticides.

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Rodents Treatment in the Cayman Islands

Rodents are an all year problem in Cayman. There are two species of rat and one species of mouse on island. Our rodent Service is inclusive of the ini...

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Fleas Treatment in the Cayman Islands

Fleas are common pests here in the Cayman Islands and they feed on our cats and dogs blood and occasionally ours and large infestations can occur in t...

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Ticks Treatment in the Cayman Islands

Ticks are a nuisance and can infest your home in huge numbers if proper action is not taken immediately they are noticed. Normally its dog owners that...

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Centipedes Treatment in the Cayman Islands

These have large claw like structures around their heads that contain venom. They forage during the night and eat small vertebrates and spiders. They...

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Beetles & Weevils Treatment in the Cayman Islands

Beetles feed by chewing, so damage includes holes, notches, tunnels, and chewed plant parts. The group includes leaf beetles, woodboring beetles, grub...

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Scorpions Treatment in the Cayman Islands

Scorpions are very common in certain parts of the Cayman Islands. During the day they live under rocks in dark places including attics. They can easil...

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Millipedes Treatment in the Cayman Islands

Millipedes are generally harmless to humans, although some can become household or garden pests, especially in greenhouses where they can cause severe...

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Fly Control Services in the Cayman Islands

If a fly problem is left untreated it can turn into a serious infestation and hygiene problem. Correct identification of the fly species is very impor...

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