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Residential Pest Control Services in the Cayman Islands

Protect your Residential property with Pestkil services

Pestkil offers Quarterly, Monthly and One off service contracts to our customers, depending on their individual pest control solution needs. We understand that keeping pests out of your home and garden is a priority. Our Pest Control Technicians are trained to provide you with the highest standard of service, while keeping your home, your children and your pets in mind.

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Residential Pest Services

Scorpions Treatment in the Cayman Islands

Scorpion are very common in certain parts of the Cayman Islands. During the day they live under rocks in dark places including attics. They can easily climb walls gaining access to the attic in your home searching for food. From the attics they can enter the rest of the home via light and a/c fixtures. They are also found in garages in fact any dark secluded spot.

General Preparation Information

The chemicals that we use in your home are environmentally friendly, have little to no odour and are safe for humans and pets. However, as a precautionary measure we do strongly advise that any women who are pregnant, any children under the age of 2, anyone with severe allergies or asthma or any young/hyper dogs be removed from the property while service is taking place and for up to 4 hours following treatment. Birds need to be removed from the property and fish aquariums be covered & pumps be turned off. Please notify the office if you have any small animals such as rabbits, hamsters etc and we can advise accordingly.

Please make sure to pick up personal belongings and those of your pets or children from off the floors of your home (Living spaces, bedrooms and bathrooms). Our technicians need to spray along the walls, skirting boards and any cracks and crevices noticeable, if they can-not easily access the corners and walls of your home we cannot assure an effective or timely service.

If you have an ant or cockroach problem in your kitchen or bathroom cabinets we advise that they be emptied out and the contents placed on the table with a cloth over them. Contents can be replaced once cabinets are completely dry.

Because the treatment breaks down with sunlight and water, we recommend that floors be mopped prior to treatment being done or wait for 24 to 48 hours after the treatment before cleaning your floors.

For further information please see the FAQs section of this website or Call us on 9499145.

Preparation for ticks & Flea

All hard surface floors must be mopped prior to service and all carpeted areas vacuumed. Please dispose of the vacuum bag by emptying in a garbage outside.

All beds should be stripped of bed linen, and not re-dressed until after service. After the bed linen has been stripped it needs to be washed in hot water along with any clothes that may have been on the floor.

Any pet beds or blankets also need to be washed in hot water, before being put out again following treatment. Any toys need to be cleared away from the floor and any pet bedding or feeding bowls need to be removed from floor area. Pets need to be treated that day by having a tick and flea bath or by applying frontline.

This is a full surface spray, therefore, pets as well as people need to be out of the house for four hours, for it to dry properly.

Depending on the level of infestation there is a possibility that a second treatment may be required 14 days following the first treatment, to allow for the eradication of eggs or any larvae.

For further information please see the FAQs section of this website or Call us on 9499145.

Preparation for perimeter service

All personal belongings, equipment, boxes, toys and any other items kept outside around the perimeter of your house or in your yard, must be cleared away where possible, or pulled away from the perimeter line of your house. In order for our technicians to apply treatment and ensure an effective and timely service, they must be able to access the areas around the perimeter when at your property.

For further information please see the FAQs section of this website or Call us on 9499145.

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