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Scale Insects Treatment in the Cayman Islands

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Scale Insects Treatment in the Cayman Islands

Scale Insects Treatment in the Cayman Islands

Many different species of scale insects trouble gardeners. They get their name from protective scale-like coverings they produce, which are not part of the pest itself. Scale insects fall into two main categories: armored or soft. As the names suggest, armored scales produce a hard covering, while soft scale coverings are waxy and soft. Both types of scale insects damage plants, from lawn grasses to shrubs and fruits. Like aphids, soft scales excrete a sticky, sweet substance called honeydew, which attracts nuisance ants as well

Identification: At first glance, many scale insects look like a small, circular bump that's part of the plant. Depending on the species, they vary in color from brown to cottony white and measure up to 1/4 inch long. Scale nymphs are known as crawlers and are similar in appearance. About the size of a pinhead, they're very mobile as they feed. Mature scale insects rarely move once they settle into a spot.

Signs/Damage: Scale insects feed on plant juices by piercing and sucking plant leaves, stems and fruits. Adults are visible on plants, though they often blend in. As stem and leaf damage progresses, plants turn yellow, twigs die back and whole plants wither and die. Ant-attracting honeydew produced by soft scales often develops black sooty mold.


  • Effective scale control targets nymphs, before they develop a protective covering, along with mature pests.
  • Ants will protect honeydew-producing scale insects from beneficial predator insects that normally help keep scales in check. Maximize scale control by treating nuisance ants as well.
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