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Fleas Treatment in the Cayman Islands

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Fleas Treatment in the Cayman Islands

Fleas Treatment in the Cayman Islands

Fleas are common pests here in the Cayman Islands and they feed on our cats and dogs blood and occasionally ours and large infestations can occur in the home if left untreated.

Fleas are wingless insects and are outstanding jumpers. Fleas feed on blood and the bites can leave itchy red bumps.

The main flea species here in Cayman is

  • Cat Flea (Ctenocephalides felis)

Flea eggs fall off the dog/cat onto carpets normally. These will develop into larvae and eventually into a pupae. The pupal stage can remain alive for several years if no blood meal is available. They can detect mammalian body heat and exhaled air and hatch immediately into adults.

In the home fleas are found wherever your pests spend most of their time.

It can be difficult to control all stages of flea development in your home.

We at Pestkil have the expertise to eliminate fleas from your home.

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