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White Grub Treatment in the Cayman Islands

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White Grub Treatment in the Cayman Islands

White Grub Treatment in the Cayman Islands

White grubs are the immature larvae of several species of scarab beetles. These extremely destructive turf pests feed on grass roots just below the soil surface, severing roots and causing lawn grasses to brown and die.

Identification: White grubs typically grow about 1 inch long. Their soft, plump, gray-white bodies have brown heads and six distinct legs. When disturbed, white grubs curl into a C-shape.

Signs/Damage: Grub damage shows itself in spring and fall. Patches of lawn turn yellow or brown and feel spongy beneath your feet. With heavy infestations, you can roll turf back — just like a rug — to reveal severed roots and feeding grubs. To check your lawn, use a spade to lift a 12-inch-square piece of sod about 3 inches thick. Inspect the soil, thatch and roots closely. Healthy lawns tolerate a few grubs, but ten or more per square foot indicates serious grub problems.


  • Effective white grub control involves reaching these pests at their most vulnerable. Fall treatment targets newly hatched grubs while they're still small and close to the surface.  
  • Spring applications treat dormant grubs as they return to roots and feed.  
  • For additional protection against white grub damage – and damage by adult beetles – treat beetles in late spring before they can lay their grub-producing eggs.  
  • Grubs often attract birds, and other insect-eating wildlife to your lawn. Frequent digging and disrupted turf may signal grub infestations.
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