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Rodents Treatment in the Cayman Islands

Rodents Treatment in the Cayman Islands

Here in the Cayman Islands we have three rodent species that invade our homes and businesses

Rodents gain entry to your home and business by finding holes as small as ¼ inch. The black rat is also known as the roof rat and normally climbs walls / trees to gain access to the roof. Mice and the brown rat gain entry from the ground, either gaining access via small holes, or gnawing through screen doors or being brought in via boxes / containers. Rodents can spread disease, contaminate food and cause considerable damage to wiring, screens, internal doors etc.

If rodents are seen around the property or in trees then it is only a matter of time before they gain entry. In addition; mice are prolific breeders and an infestation can contain large numbers in a very short time.

Rodents are an all year problem in Cayman. There are two species of rat and one species of mouse on island. Our rodent Service is inclusive of the initial set up and three follow up visits. Upon completion of the full, four visit service, if there is still some activity, the service can be continued for an additional month at a reduced price. We use tamper proof bait stations only.

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