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Cutworms Treatment in the Cayman Islands

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Cutworms Treatment in the Cayman Islands

Cutworms Treatment in the Cayman Islands

Cutworms are destructive pests that damage many different types of plants. The larval forms of several species of moths, cutworms plague lawns and gardens from early spring through fall. Some cutworm species prefer vegetables, including cabbage, lettuces, peppers and carrots. Others go after lawn grasses first. In warm climates, several generations of cutworms are born each season. Their damage builds by fall.

Identification: Depending on the species, cutworms vary in color from pink, green or brown to black, usually with muted stripes running lengthwise along their bodies. When disturbed, they curl up into a “C." One of the most common types is the black cutworm, which affects lawns and vegetable gardens.

Signs/Damage: Cutworms spend their days in soil, coming out to feed at night. You may notice plants wilt under the sun's heat. Closer inspection reveals stems damaged or cut in two as the name implies. Seedlings and young transplants are hardest hit. In lawns, cutworms feed at the base of grass, cutting off the blade and often dragging it back to nearby burrows. Lawn damage peaks during hot summer months.


  • Cutworm damages occur on days that are cloudy, most damages happens at night. To maximize treatment, application of treatments is best done during evening hours.  
  • Cutworms can become dormant in the larval stage in soil during winter. Turn soil in your garden in fall and spring to expose and kill dormant larvae.
  • Check lawn thatch for small tunneling holes lined with green excrement
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