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Mosquito Services in Grand Cayman

Best Mosquito Treatment in Grand Cayman

Pestkil offers residential and commercial Mosquito services in Grand Cayman.

Because mosquitos are not strong flyers and choose to be away from wind and extreme temperatures, they will harbour in low lying bushes, under leaves and on shady structural areas. Our technicians are trained on where to locate and treat these harbouring mosquitoes. Treatment CAN NOT provide mosquito population elimination, but can provide protection from those mosquitos that come onto your property.

It is highly recommended that all containers that hold water such as tires, pots, bird baths, toys, and bowls are removed to eliminate breeding sites for the mosquitoes. This service is not guaranteed to be completely effective and is a systematic treatment to reduce the populations over time. Neighbours yards can be problem areas as well and we can only treat the areas on the customer’s property.