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Residential Disinfection Service in the Cayman Islands

Residential Disinfection Service in the Cayman Islands

We can sanitize your home to help reduce the spread of infectious disease. Our anti-viral products have the strength to kill the coronavirus and many other viruses on contact! Maintain a healthy environment for your family and keep your home free from viruses & bacteria.

Pestkils disinfection service is bringing hospital grade products to the public, utilizing the newest technology to eradicate viruses, bacteria and allergens from all surfaces and objects in your home.

Standard cleaning techniques still leave behind harmful viruses and bacteria that end up being spread around your home in the process.

Pestkil’s professional and highly experienced technicians, are equipped with the necessary PPE , respiratory protective equipment and specialist disinfection equipment to work safely and effectively. Our ULV fogging releases tiny droplets of disinfection on all areas including inaccessible areas of your home, to enable the treatment of large spaces in a short period of time.

We’re here to help protect you and your family!


Recommended for:

  • Private Residences
  • Outdoor Living spaces
  • Apartments / Townhouses
  • New Rentals
  • Personal Vehicles


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