Get Rid of Termites

Pestkil are the only certified Sentricon Specialists in the Cayman Islands.

The Sentricon Sytem detroys the termite queen and her colony without disrupting your lawn, landscaping or foundation. The stations are simply put in the ground around your home, forming a protective ring.

Termites prefer the bait found in the Sentricon System more than wood, and its active ingredient, noviflumuron, prevents them from molting.

When they can’t molt the die!

When the colony dies..

The QUEEN dies!

The Sentricon System begins working as soon as its put in the ground. And with the ongoing service from our certified Sentricon Specialists, it keeps protecting your home 24/7, year after year!

We have several species of termite in the Cayman Islands. Sentricon is effective for the more aggressive subterranean species that exist here and for the rest we offer alternative termite control sollutions.

If you think you have termites in your home, call the office today for more information or to arrange for a termite inspection at your property to find out if the Sentricon Baiting System is the right choice for you.